Photo by Susan Berland

I have led women’s spirituality retreats for the past 15 years, focused on renewing, rejoicing, rejuvenating, relaxing and reconnecting with oneself, one’s community, one’s sense of God or the divine. Topics can be tailored to your group.

I have created rituals for a variety of issues: first period, aging, transitions. They are best about the person.

As a service leader, my goal is to make prayer accessible for everyone.

Your sense of religion, being personal to the individual, speaks to me. I love the way you allow each person to find their connection in Judaism, and to feel free to be different than their neighbor. And to come together to celebrate their spirituality. You have tremendous warmth, understanding and compassion.


Dear Meredith,
Thank-you so much for the incredible services over the High Holy Days. You brought so much to them, and inspired so many of us! One woman called me the other and told me that this was the first time in her life that she got something from Yom Kippur services and that was because of you! She said that your explanations at the beginning unlocked the spiritual power of the day. Thank-you, you are wonderful!