Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Image 1B’Mitzvah
(also known as Bar (son) or Bat (daughter) Mitzvah of commandment) is one of the best known Jewish rites of passage. After years of teaching and transmitting values to our children, this ceremony is a moment to recognize, as the child teeters on the brink of young adulthood, the skills, persistence and diligence and commitment to their own Jewish future.

The ceremony generally takes place within the context of a Shabbat (Saturday) morning worship service within the family’s community. But this is not a hard and fast rule.

While I strongly encourage families seeking B’Mitzvah for their child to join a congregation and become part of a community, I know that sometimes that isn’t possible or practical or remotely desirable. So I help families develop a journey that embraces Jewish tradition combined with the family’s — and especially the b’mitzvah youth — in designing a program of discovery that engages, informs, involves and inspires the child and family to discover the heart of Jewish spirituality–prayer, text, and how we treat each other as family, people, community and the world.

Study can take as long as two years and as little as six months, depending on each individual student’s strengths, needs and persistence. Learning differences can be accommodated in a number of ways, so that the young person can achieve success on their own terms.


B’Mitzvah celebration – Jewish dancing!

Generally, I meet with students for 30-60 minutes weekly, and they have nightly homework to practice. In addition to learning their torah portion, prayers and blessings, we work together on developing their particular teaching, or dvar torah (literally, words of torah) to their community. While this is generally done in person, it can also be done by Skype.

Most people told us that it was the best Bar Mitzvah that they had ever been to. We heartily agreed with them!!


More than anything, we really appreciated your guidance of our daughter’s studies and the service. I can’t tell you how many of our friends mentioned how much they got out of the service and how included they felt by the way you helped them interpret the spirit of the prayers so they could participate too. Thank you for that!


Thank YOU!:)  We truly appreciate your calm, organized approach to the bat mitzvah.  It was a really positive experience for the whole family.


Thank you so much for training me for my Bat Mitzvah and showing so much enthusiasm toward our religion. I learned so much and I really appreciate it!


Thank you for the past two years of religious education. Thank you for making my sister’s Bat Mitzvah so wonderful.


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