Photo by Susan Berland

Welcome! B'ruchim ha'ba'im! I hope you will explore these pages -- my virtual study (my physical one is in Petaluma (Sonoma County), California)  -- for information about Jewish traditions and teachings, my services and classes. And if you have comments or questions, I invite you contact me.s

As William Shakespeare could have written about most seekers, there are more things on heaven and earth than were dreamt of in our philosophies. So much we don’t understand, including the mystery at the center of the universe. And at the same time, maybe we don’t need to understand. After all, we may not know how creation happened, but we can all agree, we had nothing to do with it. And from this awareness flows humility, gratitude and awe—as well as an awareness of our responsibility to return things in the way we found them.

Helping people to access Jewish tradition so that it resonates for them, whether at a class delving into text, a wedding, a shabbat or Rosh Hashanah service,  a conversation at a coffee house, in a hospital room or at a deathbed or cemetery, helping people find meaning in their lives through a Jewish lens: this is my key role as a rabbi.

And apparently, I left out my zerizut - enthusiasm for prayer - singing, moving, sharing joy - and for study.

I would think that a joyous commitment to Judaism is major part of your choice - at least it's what I perceive. You bring so much enthusiasm to prayer!