Hillel taught, “What is hateful to you, do not to your neighbor:
that is the whole Torah, the rest is the commentary;
go and study it.”
B. Shabbat 31a

Studying together is the quintessential Jewish activity: when two or more people share words of torah, minds and hearts expand and justice and love can flower. For me, studying in a chevruta (group of two or more people) is exciting, challenging, comforting, and a wonderful place to share, grow and connect to others on a deep level.

Below is a sampling of the topics:


  • Wise Aging Groups: We  ask questions, review our lives, discover meaning—through ancient (and not so ancient) texts, and the text of our own lives, through contemplative practices, movement and mindfulness, through discussion, laughter and sharing community. We can look at the difference between gaining wisdom as we age, and aging in a wise way, and just whether we’ve finally grown up.
  • Mussar (the thousand year old Jewish spiritual practice of self-reflection (and the ability to give and receive feedback) that allows us to grow our souls): this class series combines text study with discussion about how to be a mensch.
  • Hebrew: Study introductory biblical/prayerbook Hebrew in a fun, welcoming atmosphere.
  • Prayer (and how to reach for spirituality within Jewish prayer): the class series explores traditional Jewish liturgy, mining it for the jewels that will open our hearts to the power of Jewish prayer.
  • Holidays and their message for today: these classes focus on the spiritual messages embedded in each Jewish holiday, with the spiritual workout available throughout the year.
  • Disabilities awareness within Jewish tradition and Jewish organizations: These individual classes explore Jewish texts along with current experiences, and address what each organization’s particular needs are.
  • Torah study: On Shabbat or during the week, Torah study feeds the soul.
  • Women’s issues in the texts: These individual classes explore a range of subjects in Jewish experience, in the texts and in life, past, present and future.
  • Bar/bat mitzvah preparation: These weekly individual tutoring sessions focus on the tasks of leading a service, chanting from the ancient scrolls and other key issues in preparing to take on responsibilities of being a Jew. Adult bar/bat mitzvah training is also available.
  • Conversion: These classes take place in both small classes and individual discussions, based on intensive study and practice.

Check out the calendar for the most recent class schedule. Or contact me for individual sessions on topics that interest you or to sponsor a class among your friends.

You have taught me so much and have really encouraged me to think about Torah, Jewish laws and traditions and how others interpret them. The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. Our discussions were both enjoyable and thought provoking.
I think you are an excellent teacher because you listen, question, encourage discussion and don’t necessarily preach. Your skill is in guiding the student to discovery. And it is so much fun to learn that way. You clearly have an in-depth knowledge of Jewish liturgy, history and culture, but if you don’t know an answer on the spot (and oh, we asked so many questions!) you find the time to look it up and get back to us quickly.

Tuition is based on class size and frequency.